Committee Members

The Academy of Leisure Sciences Committees

For more information about these committees please see the Become Involved page.

Note: While committee term lengths are one year, there are no term limits.

Awards Committee 

 Committee   First Name   Last Name   Email 
Awards Committee (Chair) Julie Son
Awards Committee Corey Johson
Awards Committee Karen Paisley
Awards Committee Megan Janke JANKEM@ECU.EDU
Awards Committee Toni Leichty

Bannon Lecture Committee

 Committee   First Name   Last Name Email 
Bannon Lecture Committee (Chair) Lauren Duffy
Bannon Lecture Committee Birgitta Baker
Bannon Lecture Committee Aby Sene-Harper
Bannon Lecture Committee Daniel Theriault
Bannon Lecture Committee Monika Stodolska

Communication Committee 

Communication Committee (Chair) Hung-Ling (Stella) Liu
Communication Committee Hongping Zhang
Communication Committee Curtis Clemens
Communication Committee Sarah Standridge
Communication Committee Iulia Fratila
Communication Committee Laura Payne
Communication Committee Linda Oakleaf

Education Committee 

 Committee  First Name   Last Name   Email 
Education Committee (Chair) Toni Liechty
Education Committee Brooke Burk
Education Committee Elizab Weybright
Education Committee Josh Bauer
Education Committee Lindsay Usher
Education Committee Robin (Bin) Lizzo

Fellows Committee 

 Committee   Fisrt Name   Last Name   Email 
Fellows Committee (Chair) Scott Shafer
Fellows Committee Bill Hendricks
Fellows Committee Monika Stodolska

Finance and Fundraising Committee

 Committee  First Name   Last Name   Email
Finance and Fundraising Committee (Chair) Bill  Stewart
Finance and Fundraising Committee  Jill Sturts
Finance and Fundraising Committee  Lauren Duffy
Finance and Fundraising Committee  Rasul Mowatt
Finance and Fundraising Committee  Peter Bannon

Future Scholars Committee

 Committee  First Name   Last Name   Email 
Future Scholar Committee (Chair) Daniel Theriault
Future Scholar Committee Willim Ramos
Future Scholar Committee Deb Jorad JORDAND@ECU.EDU

Global Relevance Committee

 Committee  First Name   Last Name   Email 
Global Relevance Committee (Chair) Iryna Sharaievska
Global Relevance Committee (BoD Rep) Heather Gibson
Global Relevance Committee Mona Mirehie
Global Relevance Committee KoFan Lee
Global Relevance Committee Ingrid Schneider
Global Relevance Committee Monika Stodolska
Global Relevance Committee Erwei Dong
Global Relevance Committee Tom Fletcher T.E.Fletcher@LEEDSBECKETT.AC.UK
Global Relevance Committee Cristina Nuere
Global Relevance Committee Heather Mair
Global Relevance Committee Alexis  Mckenney

Graduate Student Advisory Committee

 Committee   First Name   Last Name   Email 
Graduate Student Advisory Committee (Chair) Hannah Mueller
Graduate Student Advisory Committee Leslie Camarillo
Graduate Student Advisory Committee Rebecca Koroll
Graduate Student Advisory Committee Milae Lee
Graduate Student Advisory Committee Andrew Mauldin
Graduate Student Advisory Committee Hana Miller
Graduate Student Advisory Committee Daniel Pilgreen
Graduate Student Advisory Committee XingXing Wu

Listserve Committee 

 Committee   First Name   Last Name   Email 
Listserve Diane Samdahl
Listserve MIke Bradley

Membership Committee

 Committee  First Name   List Name   Email 
Membership Committee (Chair)  Augustus Hallmon
Membership Committee Ellen Rodger
Membership Committee I-Chun (Nicky) Wu

Newsletter Committee

 Committee   Fist Name   Last Name   Email 
Newsletter (Co-chair)  Andrew  Kerins
Newsletter (Co-chair) Nick Pitas

Research & Teaching Conference Committee

 Committee   First Name   Ladt Name   Email 
Research & Teaching Conference Committee (Co-Chair) Rasul Mowatt
Research & Teaching Conference Committee (co-Chair) Lauren Duffy
Research & Teaching Conference Committee Birgitta Baker
Research & Teaching Conference Committee Aby Sene-Harper
Research & Teaching Conference Committee Brooke Burk
Research & Teaching Conference Committee Lisbeth Berbary
Research & Teaching Conference Committee Mary Parr
Research & Teaching Conference Committee KangJae 'Jerry' Lee
Research & Teaching Conference Committee Dana Kivel

Last update: 10/03/2021