The Academy's Listserv

To join the listserv, send an email to:

  - leave the Subject line blank
  - in the body of the email enter SUBSCRIBE TALSNET

You will shortly receive a confirmation.

Be a member of an online LISTSERV where you can contribute to questions, answers, issues, ideas, and thoughts for the future of science and practice in the leisure professions.

A membership to the Academy is not required to join our very active discussion email list.

Formerly SPREnet, the Academy's LISTSERV, TALSnet, is monitored and hosted by the University of Georgia.

Listserve Directions

Anyone subscribed to the TALS list can receive a complete list of all subscribers (approx 1100 members). Because of differences in how email servers are named plus the fact that some subscribers don’t use university addresses, there’s no easy way to know how many colleges/universities are represented but you could study the list to see what you can learn.

Here’s how to access the list (Note: Be sure to use your email account that’s subscribed to TALSnet.)

  •      Send an email to:  (blank subject line)
  •      With the only content being:  review TALSnet

If you are a subscriber and wish to quickly unsubscribe, send an email to with the word Unsubscribe in the subject line, using the email account you used to initially subscribe.

Here’s how to subscribe, unsubscribe, temporarily suspend, change your email address, view archives, or switch to Digest format:

·  Go to

·  If you have already created an account, log in (linked in the top right corner). You’ll get to a page where you can change your subscription settings (temporarily suspend, switch to digest, change your email, etc.)

·  If you are subscribed but don’t yet have an account or if you want to subscribe, search for TALSnet. A menu bar will open on the right; select the option to subscribe and proceed from there.